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Easily create sidebar footers, more collapsable panels, tabs and more.

Sidebar Variations (Click buttons below to launch display variations)

Right Sidebars

Toggle Right Floating Sidebar Toggle Right Fixed Sidebar

Left Sidebars

Toggle Narrow Left Sidebar (In Desktop Viewports)

Left sidebar has three states by default. Normal mode for desktops, narrow mode for tablets, and mobile mode. In desktop width viewports it is possible to toggle between the normal and narrow version of the sidebar.

Desktop Sidebars

Desktop viewports have additional options. Please view this page on a larger viewport to see additional optional sidebar triggers and states on this page!

Mobile Sidebars

In mobile viewports the left sidebar is accessible via the hamburger menu icon in the top left of the UI. By default it is set to trigger the left sidebar, though this can easily be configured to trigger the right instead.

This Example Post Will Show How Sidebars Affect Layout.

Posted on September 5, 2016 by: Brad Parker 2 Comments

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