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Catherine Hepper July 25th, 2016 4:53pm

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Easily create sidebar footers, more collapsable panels, tabs and more.

Modal Templates

Modal Triggers:

Try out all of the included modal templates. Easily trigger them from any link in your design.

  1. Email Reply ModalEmail reply interface that can be used along with email or message view layouts.
  2.  Agile Card ModalExpanded view for an agile user story card.
  3. Plan Upgrade FormModal upgrade payment form for SaaS apps.
  4. Create ContactModal contact edit window.
  5. User Profile ModalUser profile modal for social views.
  6. Social Share ModalFunctional social link sharing modal for social views and embeddable content.
  7. Comments ModalAJAX Comment stream with inline reply forms that slide down, and like buttons with status change on click.
  8. Reply ModalSimple message reply modal example.
  9. Double ModalTrigger a double modal by clicking any a username in the comment list to bring up a user profile modal.
  10. Alert ModalBasic and compact alert modal that can be used for agreeing to terms.
  11. New Task ModalSimple new task form example.
  12. Fullscreen Responsive ModalFullscreen photo and comment stream. Comment stream is scrollable and has the ability to trigger a double modal by clicking a user profile.